Autumn Term

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Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.
William Shakespeare

Main Project: Shakespearian Drama – Julius Caesar
There is unrest in Rome as the senators plot to overthrow the, once great, Caesar.

Assessment Focus:
Rhetoric Group work and performance
Reading Skills of analysis, inference, deduction, research, exploring authorial intent.
There will be various creative writing opportunities throughout this unit.

Thinking Focus and Extension:
Critical Theory How does social/hisrotical context impact upon the creation of a text?  How does a playwright use dramatic devices to create tension?

jcdTolerance for Ambiguity Addressing the complexity of the Jacobean language of Julius Caesar and the suspension of disbelief necessary for the pathetic fallacy to function

Depth we will use close textual analysis to explore the following:
How does a playwright use figurative language to create character and voice?  How is meaning conveyed?  How are ideas/themes developed?  How might the development of dramatic irony and/or pathetic fallacy shape the meaning of a play?  How does the construction of language allow the audience insight into a character’s feelings and emotions?

Informal Debate What is greed?  What is corruption?  Who does power belong to?  What role(s) do citizens play within a democratic society? How relevant is the wheel of fortune metaphor to our society?

Extension Recreate and film a scene from Julius Caesar in a modern context replacing the language devices with their equivalent modern counterpart.

Choice there will be a variety of tasks available with varying levels of challenge that students will complete and submit as part of a long term independent study.

Modernise and rehearse your interpretation of the play; film a scene from the play you have moderninsed and upload it to your blog.

Wider Reading, Speaking & Listening:
You will be developing your skills as actors and directors throughout our reading of the play; you will recite a selection of the play to your peers.

You will be set research tasks about the Jacobean era and Shakespeare’s life.  You will be given the opportunity to create presentation, mini-lessons or lectures on this topic.



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