Spring Term 2

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And in that moment, I swear we were infinite
-Stephen Chbosky

Main Project: Creative Writing – Genre Writing Young Adult Fiction

Our aim is to explore how teenagers are represented, both on screen and in prose.  We will begin by looking at one of my favourite films, Stand By Me, adapted from the Stephen King short story The Body.  We will then look at a selection of texts including The Catcher in The RyeSubmarineHow I Live NowI am the CheeseThe Knife that Killed Me and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Not only will we explore the grammar and codes and conventions of this genre, we will also participate in frequent creative writing workshops, where our aim will be to emulate style of established writers, making it our own.

This will lead to your first submission of creative writing coursework for your iGCSE in English Language, where you will write the opening of your own Young Adult Novel. 800 words maximum.

MSDSTBY EC032Thinking Focus & Extension:
We will use a variety of film clips as a visual stimulus to help plan and develop our pieces of writing, exploring how to develop our own style within this given genre.

Synthesis You will also explore and recreate established pieces of writing within this genre through creative writing workshops.

Depth Through exploration of established writing, you will develop an understanding of the grammar of Young Adult fiction: the use of visual clues to establish a character’s personality; showing vs. telling; how ‘time-bombs’ might be identified and indicate the potential development of the plot.How I Live Now

Choice there will be a variety of tasks available with varying levels of challenge that students will complete whilst analysing established pieces of writing from this genre.

Wider Reading:
You will also be expected to read at least one Young Adult novel through your time on this unit.

We will explore the given stimulus through informal debate.  You will also be given the opportunity to present your work to your peers for constrictive feedback.

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