What is My Voice?

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“I longed to be a part of them –
Those ghosts who set sail in my childhood,
Those Phantoms who shaped me,’ – Brian Patten

Year 9 can be a great opportunity for polishing your skills in anticipation of your important GCSE courses.  If you enjoy English but know that your skills of reading and writing are in need of development, then this unit is for you.

This programme will help you to find your written voice through role play and debate.  We will begin by exploring the language of Julius Caesar, one of literature’s greatest orators.  You will then develop your own analytical voice by looking at representations of youth through different medias, where you will then be encouraged to develop your own social investigations.  We will end the year by reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TIme, and developing our skills of creative writing through workshops.  By choosing this programme, you are making a conscious decision to up your game and accept a challenge.

 My Drama lessons will be a place where we can not only develop our ideas from our English classes, but a space where we can devise creations of our own. We will build upon skills of movement, soundscape and polished improvisation. We will develop and hone performances from Julius Caesar, as well as constructing pieces that explore themes of injustice, corruption, uncertainty and forgiveness.

My Line of Inquiry is unique to my style of teaching and has been devised with the London Nautical School KS3 framework in mind, and a clear focus on trying to incorporate activities that will celebrate the school’s centenary year.  The scheme has been created drawing on my passions and love of English, combined with my own judgement as a teacher about how 14 year old boys learn.

As always, I invite any feedback about how the course can be refined to suit the needs of my students.

Fair winds and following Seas!

Year 11

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