Winter Term 1

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Main Project: Investigation – How are Teenagers Represented in Modern Society?
We investigate and analyse a range of media texts to explore how teenager are represented and audiences are encourage to respond to these social constructions.

Assessment Focus:
Students will define a Line of Enquiry and investigate their own interpretations of how teenagers are represented across a range of media.

Transactional Writing – Persuade/Argue 500-800 words

Critical Thinking and Extension
Representation What is representation and how are representations socially constructed?  How might representation through media be responsible for shaping the aspirations of a social group or individuals?

Rhetoric Through Informal Debate and Socratic Circles, we will investigate the social construction and representation of the teenager. How are teenagers presented as both vulnerable and villains within our society?  What are the places and spaces inhabited by teenagers? How is mental health represented with the social group of teenagers?  How are audiences encouraged to respond to social groups through manipulation of language used by the media?

Depth Through Close Textual Analysis of a range of media texts, we will explore Allegory and how teenagers are socially ‘Othered’ within media and society.  You will develop a critical glossary of film terminology, as well as the tools to explore representations of social groups.

Ambiguity & Accountability You will be define your own Line of Enquiry and present your findings to the class.  You will be given Choice regarding the outcome of your project and you will then present your work in a mode that suits you: written, verbal, presentational.  You will be expected to use a range of critical terminology and to present your findings in a form that shows the you are knowledgable about your thesis and ensuing research.

Wider Reading
You will be presented with many case studies that you will analyse as a class.   In response, you will be expected to develop your own Long Term Project where you will define the outcome through Choice.  You will define the focus of your Line of Enquiry and then research and analyse your findings.  You will present your findings to the class in the mode that suits you: written, presentational or Verbal.

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